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 Anti microbial

 Energy efficient

  Filter efficiency 85% of PM 2.5

  Easy installation

  G3 MERV 5 Rating

Health and comfort

You will present AIRIFY FILTERS™ as a means to comfort and health in the home of in the office. Not only is your home safer from a scientific point of view, but you will find that your home feels and smells nicer too.


ARIFIY FILTERS™ are tested and certified:

By Blue Haven Technologies for its filter efficiency as well as its arrestance of particulate matter.

By SGS to ensure no harmful materials have been used in the PET (100% polyester fibre).

By STC Dongguan for an anti-microbial assessment of bacterial resistance on textile materials.

Applications and limitations :

 This ARIFIY FILTERS™ does not eliminate the risk of illness, disease, or infection and is intended for general public use.

 Do not use ARIFIY FILTERS™ for chemicals, gases, vapors, oil aerosols, oil based particles or extremely high particulate concentrations.

 Follow Fitting Instructions carefully; filtering efficiency depends on proper fitting.

 Use at your own risk.