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BEATCLOUDS™ anti pollution facemasks are an effective and fashionable way to fight the daily air pollution. Wearing a BEATCLOUDS™ anti pollution facemask is able to help reducing the amount of unhealthy air particles entering your body, generally but not exclusively referred to as PM 2.5.

BEATCLOUDS™ anti pollution facemasks are designed to provide you with every comfort possible, yet protecting you from inhaling unhealthy particulate matters. The facemasks are coming with various designs to match everyone’s taste and style, and are superiorly manufactured to ensure a longlasting protection for your health. Each BEATCLOUDS™ anti pollution facemasks bought, comes with 2 exchangeable PM 2.5 filters.BEATCLOUDS™s committed to provide you with a healthier lifestyle without compromising on your fashion statement.

Why Us?

TUOR AND ASSOCIATES PRIVATE LIMITED and MD TUOR SALES AND SERVICES came to fruition to help fighting an ever growing problem in this world: Air Pollution with its adverse health impacts of cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological disorders.

We established the companies to provide the citizens an option to protect themselves, using efficient carbon activated products and indoor air purifiers/ionizers. Our range of products will give you and your family a complete protection, at home as well as all the way to the office.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any question you might have! Reach us on: info@beatclouds.com.

But enough about us. Now, it’s all about YOU!

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Major Milestones for BEATCLOUDS™!

Who’s behind the Why?

Marcel D. Tuor
CEO India and Philippines

Marcel has gained extensive Project Management experience throughout his career in the banking industry, including an offshoring position in India. He is in charge of the operational management and coordination between India and the Philippines; he also takes care about any social media related tasks as well as the international customers.

Surpat Singh Dugar
Managing Director – India

Surpat brings a lot of experience from having been an entrepreneur since years with his own business and only recently expanded into this new venture with TUOR AND ASSOCIATES PRIVATE LIMITED in India, joining forces with Marcel. He is in charge of the operations as well as the accounting for the company in India.

Rosa de los Santos
President and Director – Philippines

Rosa gained her experience by working for various international firms, mainly being in charge of all operational and marketing related tasks; she has also built her own website and app development company in the Philippines. She is in charge of any tasks related to the company’s activities in the Philippines.

Company development

Aug-8-2016: Successfully launched our very own e-commerce website: www.beatclouds.com

Aug-15-2016: Website integration of EBS payment gateway and PayPal as payment options

(Aug-17-2016: BEATCLOUDS Trademark registered)

Sep-12-2016: Government school in Vittal Rao Nagar, Hyderabad: Presentation on air pollution and free masks for the school kids.

Oct-26-2016: Government school in Gandipet, Hyderabad: Presentation on air pollution and free masks for the school kids.

Feb-13-2017: JUDICIAL BROWN mask model delivered to the Traffic Police Hyderabad, aka Cyberabad Police in India

Feb-21-2017: Successfully launched our very own YouTube channel

May-2017: Successfully initiated process to setup on PayTM

  • PayTM in India

May-26-2017: Swissbreeze: Exclusive Sales Rights acquired for distribution in India and the Philippines: Discover our crystal clear Swiss bottler air!

Jul-10-2017: Started developing our entirely new e-commerce website

Sep-2016: Successfully launched on the major online platforms in India:


Oct-2016: Launched on the major social media platforms: beatcloudsmask


Dec-22-2016: Successfully launched:


Mar-2017: Successfully launched:

 in India, the ultimate online platform for health products in India

  in the Philippines, THE online selling platform across SEA

Aug-2017: Successfully launched:

Jan-2018: Successfully launched: