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Pollution and Dust Air Purifier Fan Filters by Airify Filters.

  • Anti microbial (certified)
  • Energy efficient (certified)
  • Easy installation
  • Filter efficiency 95% of PM 2.5 (certified)
  • G3 MERV 5 Rating (certified)

8 in stock



Affordable Air Purifiers

In India, Air Pollution is a hot topic these days. Air purifiers are in high demand.

And so, we like to introduce our brand Airify Filters™. This disposable Synthetic PET panel filter is the ideal solution at home and/or in the office to fight the daily pollution.

Airify Filters™ are air purifiers which are fitted onto the back of a standard fan such as pedestal and table fan. Then, the air blows through the filter – where the airflow is only minimally obstructed – and the air at home or in the office is cleaned of pollutants. In more detail, Airify Filters™ removes dust, haze, pet dander’s, pollen, dust mites and other air pollutants (PM 2.5), hence effectively filtering 95% of the pollution in the air.


  •  Anti microbial
  •  Energy efficient
  •  Filter efficiency 85% of PM 2.5
  •  Easy installation
  •  G3 MERV 5 Rating

Health and Comfort

You will present Airify Filters™ as a means to comfort and health in the home or in the office. From a scientific point of view your home is not only safer , but you will find that your home feels and smells nicer too.

Airify Filters™ are tested and certified:

  1. Its filter efficiency as well as its arrestance of particulate matter (by Blue Haven Technologies).
  2. No harmful materials are used in the PET (= 100% polyester fibre) (by SGS).
  3. Anti-microbial assessment of bacterial resistance on textile materials (by STC Dongguan).


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