Photo-catalyst in-vehicle Air Purification

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a. 99.99% removal efficiency to bacteria and virus under lighting for 24 hours.

b. Effectiveness to ammonia, putrid odour, smoke, stale odour and sweaty smell.

c. Decompose cancerogenic chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and toluene into H2O and CO2 without secondary pollution.



a. Keep the car under airtight condition.

b. Spray the entire bottle of product (100ml) to the car interior parts. Spray intensively to the source of odour if there is any.

c. Keep the car under airtight condition, and expose the car to sunlight or other light sources as much as possible. The product starts to take effect after 15 minutes, and eliminates the car indoor air pollutants thoroughly after 60 minutes. Suggest to expose the car under sunlight for at least 1.5h. It works effectively to putrid odours like seafood with the exposure to lighting for 6 hours.

d. Professional air quality detector can be provided.


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